Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry or “sleep dentistry” as it is sometimes referred to, covers a range of sedation techniques that puts the patient in a state of deep relaxation during a dental procedure. At Cougar Dental, we provide two forms of sedation dentistry – nitrous oxide and oral sedation, so whether you are a nervous patient or just need an extra bit of relaxation during a longer procedure, at our Provo, UT clinic, we will talk you through which form of sedation works best for your individual needs.

Nitrous Oxide 

Nitrous oxide, also commonly called laughing gas, provides a mild, blissful sedation for the patients. Nitrous oxide is inhaled through a mask or nose apparatus and will begin to work instantly. Our dentists are trained in sedation techniques and we choose this method for its effectiveness and reliability. It is very easy to monitor and control the amount of nitrous oxide a patient receives during treatment, making it very safe.   

This is also a popular sedation option for patients with busy lives as there are no side effects meaning you can go about your day as normal post-surgery. Are you feeling anxious about your next treatment with us and want to explore our sedation options? Call us today and our friendly team will find the solution for you! 

Oral Sedation 

Another convenient and pain-free option is oral sedation. We ask our patient to take a specially administered pill an hour before their treatment so by the time your procedure starts, you’re already in a relaxed state. We do advise you to arrange transport to and from our dental practice on the day as you may feel groggy or tired with this sedation method. Benefits of oral sedation include:

  • Easy to administer – No needles or apparatuses are involved. Just swallow one pill and you’re ready!
  • Still responsive – This method may make you drowsy, but you still will be able to understand the dentist as he gives you instructions and talks you through the procedure.
  • Memory loss – Oral sedation can leave some patients with little to no memory of the surgery. This is great for patients who are particularly anxious!
  • Safe – Oral sedation is a common method used in dental practices across the country and is FDA approved. 

We want to emphasize that at Cougar Dental, your well-being comes first, so before choosing any of our sedation methods, please tell your dentist if you have any medical conditions, allergies or have had any recent medical procedures, as taking sedation dentistry may not be advised under certain situations. For any queries, call us at our Provo, UT clinic today!


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