Emergency Dentistry

A dental emergency not only refers to tooth ache but also issues that affect the surrounding tissue, nerves and gums of the mouth. Typically, it refers to pain, excessive bleeding or severe infections in the mouth that need treating right away.  If you are in the Provo, UT area and feel like you urgently need dental treatment, call Cougar Dental so our qualified dentists Dr. Corbin Matthews and Dr. Todd Groesbeck can see you right away.

What Qualifies As A Dental Emergency?

Experiencing tooth pain but not quite sure it qualifies as an emergency? Dental emergencies can vary, and while some dental issues can be painful and require care, they may not require immediate attention. But how can you tell the difference?

Here are some common dental emergencies:

  • Abscessed tooth – A dental abscess can cause fever, tooth sensitivity to temperature, persistent toothache, swelling in the face and neck and a pus-filled pimple near the infected tooth. This infection can spread to your jaw and other parts of your body, so prompt treatment is required.
  • Severely cracked or chipped tooth – If you have received a serious fracture to your tooth that is extremely painful and can not be cured with pain medication, see your dentist as soon as possible. 
  • Knocked out tooth – Fast treatment could possibly save the tooth. If you have knocked out your tooth, pick it up by the crown not the root. If you cannot place it back in the socket, place it in a container of milk to preserve the tooth and see your dentist as quickly as possible.
  • Loose teeth – Are your teeth loose or are you losing teeth? Gum disease such as periodontitis may not have obvious signs such as pain or swelling,  so if you are experiencing loose teeth as an adult you need to be examined by a dentist ASAP to prevent any further tooth loss. 
  • Excessive bleeding or aching gums – Bleeding and painful gums can also be a sign of gum disease and treatment is needed to prevent damage to your teeth.

These are just some examples of potential dental emergencies. Any pain, swelling or bleeding that is persistent, worsening or causing other symptoms like a fever, should be checked by your dentist as soon as possible. 

Why Seek Emergency Treatment?

Seeking prompt emergency treatment when needed may save you your tooth and in cases such as an abscess, even your life! If you are concerned about any abnormalities or have sustained an injury, early treatment can help prevent any further complications. At Cougar Dental, we encourage our patients to call us with any dental issues they may have. Our Provo, UT clinic team are on hand to provide you with top-quality care and attention, so don’t wait, call us today so we can treat your dental needs! 

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