When you think of orthodontics you may think of traditional wire or metal braces but orthodontics refers to any treatment for the misalignment of teeth. At Cougar Dental, we believe our patients of all ages should have choices when it comes to getting that beautiful, straight smile you always dreamed of. Not only do we offer traditional style braces but also discreet and clear aligners so whatever your choice, our trained dentists, Dr. Corbin Matthews and Dr. Todd Groesbeck can lead you on the path to a perfect smile!


Invisalign is a wonderful way to straighten moderately misaligned teeth discreetly. By using a clear, removable set of aligners, Invisalign gives you the extra freedom of being able to take the aligners out when eating or drinking meaning you can live your normal lifestyle while getting straighter teeth! 

At our Provo, UT clinic, we want to make sure you are happy with our treatment, this is why we take a digital 3D scan of your mouth so you can envision how your teeth will change, even showing you how your final smile will look! We will customize the aligners to fit comfortably in your mouth and bring you back for regular fittings as your teeth straighten. To learn more about Invisalign, give us a call today and let us help you get that confident smile!

Traditional Braces

In some cases, our Invisalign treatment may not be suited to you if you have more severe misalignment issues and a more traditional style of braces is needed. Luckily, braces have come a long way and many different options are now available. For more on the type of braces we offer and what ones are suited to you, give Cougar Dental a call today and our dental professional will assist you.

Types of braces available are:

Metal/Wire Braces

These are often the most popular choices among adolescents and teenagers and the best known type of brace out there. They work by attaching metal brackets to each tooth with a cement like mixture, with a thin wire placed over the brackets linking them together. Then, tiny ligatures or “o-rings” as they are commonly called, are used to connect the wires to the brackets, creating a secure, comfortable and sturdy structure that will align any severely misshapen teeth. The dentists at our Provo, UT branch will regularly change the band tightening the brace as your teeth begin to straighten out.

Whatever your lifestyle needs, Cougar Dental at Provo, UT has the treatment to suit you. Call us and book an appointment today, we are ready to get you smiling!


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