If you aren’t satisfied with your teeth but the thought of wearing braces has stopped you from making a change, Invisalign is perfect for you! Invisalign uses clear, plastic alignment trays to gradually move your teeth into their prescribed position. The trays are practically “invisible”, comfortable, and removable during meals. You will get a new set of custom-made trays approximately every two weeks during treatment. You will end up with the beautiful smile you desire without the hassle of a mouthful of metal!


Matthews, Provo, UT Dentist, Dental BondingFixing a chipped tooth, cracked tooth or a gap in your teeth is fast, easy and affordable with dental bonding. Dental bonding can also be used to improve the appearance of slightly discolored teeth and to change the shape of teeth, but it is typically recommended only for small cosmetic changes. Unlike other cosmetic treatments, dental bonding can be performed with little to no advance preparation. Dental bonding is also convenient and durable, taking just 30-60 minutes per tooth and lasting from 3-10 years.

Crowns And Bridges


A dental crown may not make you feel like royalty, but it is one of the premiere treatments for teeth with extensive decay or

damage. Dental crowns can also used to hold a dental bridge in place, cover misshapen or severely discolored teeth, or cover a tooth after a root canal procedure. Made of either porcelain-fused-to-metal, ceramic or gold, dental crowns are placed during a multi-step process and sometimes require more than one dental visit. The first step is a dental impression. A temporary crown is then placed to protect the tooth while the impression is sent to an offsite laboratory to create the final restoration. In some cases, same-day crowns are possible, so be sure to inquire. With good oral hygiene and minimal wear and tear, your beautiful new dental crowns can last up to 15 years.

Dental bridges have been used for centuries to replace missing teeth. Today, dental bridges are still considered one of the most durable, conservative and cost-effective options for bridging the gap between a missing tooth and surrounding teeth. Comprised of two anchoring teeth and a replacement tooth, dental bridges help prevent surrounding teeth from drifting out of position, improve chewing and speaking, and help keep your natural face shape in tact.

Dental bridges typically take 2-3 weeks to complete and are less invasive than other options, such as dental implants. With good oral hygiene and regular dental visits, dental bridges can last up to 30 years.

Cosmetic Fillings

Dr. Matthews, Dentist, Provo, UT, Cosmetic FillingsIf your silver fillings make you feel self conscious when you smile, or it’s simply time to replace them, consider white fillings. White fillings are just as durable as they are attractive! Made of composite resin, white fillings match the natural color of your teeth and are an excellent option for small to mid-sized cavities. White fillings are strong, stain-resistant and require less removal of your tooth structure than amalgam fillings.


Matthews_whitening_Foto_70170072_BBToday’s teeth whitening treatments are so easy, convenient and affordable that they’ve become a regular part of everyone’s beauty routine. If you haven’t tried one yet, you’ll be happy to know that you have plenty of choices. For the fastest, most dramatic results, consider laser teeth whitening. Laser teeth whitening treatments take just an hour and can whiten teeth up to 10 shades. If you’re the do-it-yourself type, an at-home teeth whitening kit might be right for you. These professional grade teeth whitening kits produce excellent results over a longer period of time. They can be purchased from your dentist or over-the-counter, but for best results, it’s recommended that you always consult with a dentist before trying any over-the-counter teeth whitening system.



Braces, Dentist Provo, UT, Dr. Matthews, OrthodonticsDental braces have come a long way ‚Äì today’s dental braces look, feel and function better than ever. Along with traditional metal braces, there are now a variety of dental braces to fit every need and budget. Clear dental braces use an innovative sliding technology instead of wires and have small, clear brackets that are virtually invisible. Lingual dental braces are metal braces placed on the back of teeth, completely hidden from view. Invisible dental braces don’t use brackets at all; they include a customized set of clear plastic aligners that can be removed while eating, drinking, brushing and flossing. If a beautiful, straight smile is what you’re after, you can’t go wrong with dental braces ‚Äì no matter what your age!


Everyone’s talking about Invisalign braces, and for good reason. Invisalign braces have completely transformed the way we think about and experience dental braces. With Invisalign braces, there’s no worry about metal brackets and wires that are uncomfortable and unattractive. Invisalign braces include a series of clear plastic aligners that are virtually invisible and completely removable. You can eat what you want, drink what you want, and brush and floss more thoroughly to keep your dental health in top shape!


Root Canal Therapy

Matthews_root_canal_Foto_27516421_BBRoot canals get a bad wrap. But don’t believe the rumors; the dreaded root canal isn’t dreadful at all! Root canals are needed when either decay or an injury infects the inner tooth (the pulp). In the earliest stages of infection, you may not feel any pain at all. But when it progresses, you could have a toothache and swelling, or a dental abscess might form. Root canals remove the infection and prevent it from spreading. Thanks to laser root canals, this process is faster, more comfortable and, in many cases, more thorough than conventional root canals. Pulp capping is an alternative to root canals that are used when the infection has yet to penetrate the pulp. Pulp capping can also prevent a large dental filling from getting too close to the nerve.


Matthews_sedation-dentistry_foto_58619152_BBEver wish you could sail through dental visits without anxiety or fear? Would you rather endure an agonizing toothache than go to the dentist? Answering ‚ “yes” to these questions could mean that you’re a perfect candidate for sedation dentistry. With sedation dentistry, you can forget about fear and focus on pure relaxation.

There are different levels of sedation to accommodate every patient. Minimal sedation involves inhaling nitrous oxide “laughing gas”). Nitrous oxide helps you relax and wears off quickly. Electronic anesthesia is an alternative form of mild sedation that uses electronic impulses to help you relax. Conscious sedation is a moderate level of sedation that causes drowsiness and is taken in pill form. IV deep sedation is typically administered intravenously and works very quickly. With IV deep sedation, most patients fall asleep but can be easily awakened. Total sedation could be the only solution for people with an intense fear or phobia of dentistry. With total sedation, or general anesthesia, you are completely unconscious and cannot be easily awakened.

Cosmetic Contouring

Provo, UT Dentist, Dr. Matthews, Cosmetic ContouringTired of masking your smile because you don’t like the way your teeth look? A smile makeover can be a big boost to your confidence and self-esteem. With a total smile makeover, chipped teeth, cracked teeth, gapped teeth, crooked teeth, stained teeth and gapped teeth can be completely transformed into the smile of your dreams. This is done through a combination of restorative and cosmetic dental treatments, including white fillings, cosmetic dental bonding, porcelain veneers, cosmetic dental crowns, dental braces, dental bridges and dental implants.

Specialty Dentures

Matthews_Dentures_Foto_60758427_BBUsing dentures to replace missing teeth is not only great for your oral health; it’s a great way to look and feel younger! Today, there are a variety of natural-looking and comfortable dentures for patients who need to replace missing teeth. Made of a gum-colored plastic resin or acrylic base and either resin or porcelain replacement teeth, dentures are custom designed to fit your mouth. If you have several teeth or all teeth missing on the upper or lower jaw, full dentures may be your best option. Partial dentures, which can be either fixed or removable, are great for patients who have several missing teeth scattered along the upper or lower jaw.

The process of getting dentures may take a few months and several dental visits. In some cases, however, same-day dentures are also possible. With same-day dentures, the dentures are created right in the dentist’s office instead of at an offsite laboratory. Same-day dentures aren’t for everyone, though. If your dentures require a lot of customization, same-day dentures may not be right for you.

Just as with your natural teeth, dentures require daily maintenance. With regular wear and tear, your dentures can last 5-7 years. During that time, you may need periodic denture relines to accommodate changes in the contours of your mouth. Regular denture relines involve resurfacing the base to ensure that your dentures fit and function perfectly. If you break your dentures, it’s critical to bring them to your dentist for professional denture repair. Home denture repair kits can cause more damage and be even more costly to fix.


Matthews_Implants_foto_79782158_BBDental implants are an extraordinary blend of science and art. Made of titanium, dental implants are securely anchored into the jaw and serve as roots for dental crowns. In many cases, dental implants — and mini dental implants, the smaller version — are considered the best option for replacing missing teeth. They are also used to replace dental bridges or partial dentures, or to provide support for dentures. Dental implants offer several advantages over other tooth replacement options. They look, feel and function just like real teeth! With dental implants, surrounding teeth are left untouched. Finally, dental implants are exceptionally reliable. Year after year, dental implants have had high success rates and typically last 15-20 years.


Matthews_veneers_foto_30112953_BBYears ago, smile makeovers involved multiple dental treatments over a period of several months. That’s no longer the case, thanks to porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are ultra thin shells made of translucent porcelain that can be bonded to your teeth for cosmetic purposes. Extremely versatile and durable, porcelain veneers are an excellent option whether you want a total smile makeover or need to cover a chipped tooth, mask a cracked tooth, or close gaps between your teeth. They require little to no prepping and can often be applied in just one dental visit!


Matthews_Sealants_Foto_40909572_BBThough brushing and flossing help clear away food particles and plaque from the surfaces of your teeth, toothbrush bristles cannot always reach all the food matter that finds its way into the grooves and uneven surfaces of the teeth. Sealants can be applied as a preventive measure to smooth over rough or irregular areas to keep plaque from collecting, and cavities from forming. Sealants are typically made of a plastic resin which safely and quickly adheres to the teeth and, with proper care, can last for many years.

While the life of the sealant may be for a long time, your dentist may choose to periodically maintain the sealants by reapplying them. This is also necessary to ensure that any weak areas of the tooth’s enamel are protected from decay which would otherwise lead to cavities and possibly tooth loss. Weak enamel, typically found during the x-ray portion of the annual dental exam, should not be treated lightly as it is a very vulnerable part of your oral health.


Matthews_Oral_surgery_foto_77498046_BBOral surgery is an umbrella term for surgical treatments such as dental implants, wisdom teeth extractions and bone grafting. Dental implants, an excellent solution for missing teeth, are surgically placed tooth roots that hold dental crowns in place. A wisdom tooth extraction may be recommended if there isn’t enough room in your mouth to accommodate wisdom teeth and they become impacted, partially erupted or infected. Bone grafting transfers bone from one part of the jaw to another, usually to accommodate a dental implant. While a general dentist can perform some oral surgery procedures, an oral surgeon is required for others.

Exam & Cleaning

Dental Exam

The secret to a bright, healthy smile is actually no secret at all: brush, floss and get a professional dental exam at least once every six months. Professional dental exams are all about prevention – preventing existing problems from getting worse and preventing dental problems from developing in the future. Regular dental exams make it possible to identify and treat a problem in its earliest stage – which is not only good for your oral health but also good for your budget!

There’s nothing to fear with a dental exam. Your teeth will be visually examined for signs of plaque, tartar and tooth decay. Your gums will also be examined for puffiness or discoloration, which are signs of gum disease. A full set of dental X-rays may also be taken during your dental exam, to enable your dentist to see below the surfaces of your teeth. Dental exams typically end with a dental cleaning, to remove surface stains and buildup.

Teeth Cleaning

No matter how often you brush and floss, plaque and tartar deposits can still build up on your teeth. A professional teeth cleaning is the single most effective way to remove these deposits and prevent them from causing more serious problems in the future. While a traditional teeth cleaning involves manually scraping away these deposits with special dental tools, advances in dental technologies now give you more options for teeth cleanings.

A laser teeth cleaning, also known as an ultrasonic cleaning, is a popular alternative to traditional teeth cleanings. With a laser teeth cleaning, an ultrasonic scale (rather than a manual probe) is used to remove deposits, kill harmful microbes and eliminate bacteria around the teeth and gums through high-frequency sound waves. Many patients find laser teeth cleanings more comfortable than traditional teeth cleanings because they are quicker, quieter and pain-free.

A deep cleaning may be recommended if excessive plaque and tartar deposits have developed below the gum line. Deep cleanings, also known as scaling and root planing, involve a two-part process: first, the stubborn deposits are removed, and then the root surfaces are smoothed. A deep cleaning helps prevent periodontal disease and restores gum tissues to a healthy state.

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Dr. Corbin Matthews – Dentist


Dr. Corbin Matthews grew up in Provo, Utah. He attended Timpview High School and Brigham Young University. He received his dental degree from the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry. He graduated top of his class and received awards of excellence in restorative and cosmetic dentistry. He was also the recipient of the OKU award given to select students for excellence in academics. Corbin is married to Lizzi Matthews and they have four children: Shay, Grace, River, and Link.

Dr. Scott Stapley – Dentist


Dr. Scott Stapley has been a practicing dentist for over 10 years. Born and raised in Utah, he attended BYU and went to Case Western Reserve University where he studied Advanced Education General Dentistry. Dr. Stapley also served as an officer in the United States Air Force and was awarded the commendation medal for outstanding service. He is trained and certified in sedation, allowing Cougar Dental to offer IV sedation to our clients. Dr. Stapley is married to Jill, and enjoys spending time with her and their five children, Megan, Mitchell, Rebecca, Ethan, and Maran.

Dr. Yejin Ahn – Dentist


Dr Ahn was born and raised in Seoul, Korea, until her family immigrated to the United States. Dr Ahn spent the rest of her childhood in a suburb of Philadelphia. Dr Ahn graduated from Brigham Young University, where she studied biology and Spanish. She served a mission in Concepcion, Chile. Dr Ahn attended dental school and earned the DDS degree at the University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco, during which time she also got married to Alex Ahn, and had their firstborn, Liv. Dr Ahn and Alex have four kids, Liv, Noah, Bella, and Etta. Dr Ahn loves to take pictures of her children as a hobby and explore the outdoors with her family. We are very grateful and excited to have Dr Ahn join the wonderful team at Cougar Dental.

Dr. Todd Groesbeck – Dentist


Dr. Todd Groesbeck, native of Provo, is proud and excited to be joining Dr. Corbin Matthews at Cougar Dental Center. Dr. Groesbeck graduated at the top of his class from the Oregon Health & Science School of Dentistry. There he received many research grants and awards from national societies, including an award for Outstanding Performance in Implant Dentistry. He has a unique perspective of dentistry as he graduated from BYU in Mechanical Engineering. His rare background combined with his commitment to integrity provides you with an assurance of receiving the best possible care. Dr. Groesbeck serves as a guest lecturer in the Preview to Dentistry Courses at BYU. He also has obtained extensive continuing education in all phases of dentistry. He especially enjoys cosmetic dentistry, pediatric care, and root canal treatments. Dr. Groesbeck’s work ethic comes from his love for doing great work for great people. He is quoted as saying, “One of the reasons I wanted to come to practice in Provo was to build a family of patients. I take extreme pride in my work, and work hard to give you the best care possible.” Dr. Groesbeck loves to spend time with his wife and 4 kids, and is a sports enthusiast.

Mandy Stevenson – General Manager


Mandy Stevenson graduated from UIDA (Utah institute of Dental Assisting) 12 years ago, she is married and has two children. She enjoys spending time with her family any moment she gets. She likes to camping, gardening, going to her kids’ lacrosse and soccer games and just being outdoors. Mandy started off as a dental assistant and found her true passion is working with patients in understanding their insurance. Mandy has developed systems that include all the team to get the most out of their individual plan. Mandy continues to educate herself with hands on training and classes to give exceptional services to the patients in our practice.

Deborah – Marketing / Patient Relations Manager


Deborah West is a Utah girl at heart, even though life took her to many other places of interest for the majority of her adult life. Deborah is the Marketing and Patient Relationship Coordinator and brings a wealth of experience into both of these vital positions. Deborah’s education is in Health Care Administration and she values the opportunity to interact with the great people that are part of her team. Deborah has four children and 11 grandchildren that are her greatest accomplishment. Deborah believes in the power of personal responsibility and makes an effort to include everyone in the quality enforcement of the team at Cougar Dental.

Anna – Registered Dental Hygienist


Anna Jesuino has been keeping our patients’ teeth clean and sparkling for almost five years! Anna is from Wheatland, in south eastern Wyoming. She began her academic pursuits at the Casper Community College, receiving an Associate Degree in biology. Then she transferred to the Utah College of Dental Hygiene where she completed the course to be licensed as a Registered Dental Hygienist. Anna’s skills and genuinely caring nature make her one of the best in her field, and we are thrilled to have her on our team at Cougar Dental. Anna is married to Caio Jesuino and they have two children, Kyla and Luca.

Heather – Registered Dental Hygienist


Heather Fralick started working for Cougar Dental as a dental assistant in 2009. She attended Mountainland Applied Technology College back In 2007 where she earned her certified dental assistant and radiology certificate. She continued her academic career by going to dental hygiene school to become a licensed Registered Dental Hygienist. Heather attended Fortis College in SLC, UT graduating with an Associate of science degree. Heather graduated as the top clinical student in her class and received the “Golden Scaler Award”. Heather has been married for 5 years to her sweet husband Mike. She enjoys the outdoors, playing softball and traveling. She has a passion for dentistry and loves to make the people around her smile.

Shaylen – Front Office Manager / Dental Assistant


Shaylen Clarke is a Provo, Utah born and raised girl! She has been a dental assistant for three years and now is one of Cougar Dental front office managers. Shay has grown up in the dental business, in fact, her grand dad, dad, and two uncles are all dentists! She loves the dental business and says dentistry is in her blood. Besides working for Cougar Dental, Shay loves to wakeboard, go on vacations, read books and spend time with her husband and family.

Christy – Dental Assistant


Christy Gerard is from Kaysville, Utah. She went to Weber State University and UVU. She attended the Peaks Dental Assisting course and was hired by Cougar Dental immediately after successfully graduating from that course. She has been with us over one year and we love her! Christy loves the outdoors and any EXTREME SPORT!!!

Mallary – Dental Assistant


Mallary is a native Florida gal. She has been a dental assistant for 7 years. Mallary is a brilliant mathematician and is currently in nursing school. Mallary and her husband Matt are both avid sports fans….all sports; you name it, they know all there is to know! Mallary has two beautiful children and is a very busy lady!

Shalisa – Dental Assistant


Shalisa Hull is the newest member of our assisting team. Shalisa grew up in Ephriam Utah and graduated from Manti High School. She went to Snow College where she graduated with an Associates of Science degree. She then continued her education at Utah Valley Dental Assisting School. Shalisa loves to dance and play mini golf with her husband. She is a great addition to our spectacular team!

Lainie – Dental Assistant


Lainie Williams has been a dental assistant for 22 years. She is originally from San Diego, California. She graduated from Pleasant Grove High School and went to UVU in Orem, UT. She has three grown children, two grandsons and two granddaughters. Lainie loves the summertime, and Halloween is her favorite holiday. Lanie loves to travel, with Scotland and Austria being her favorite destinations.

Christy – Dental Assistant


Megan Jolly (Jackson) is a Provo, Utah girl! Megan graduated from Timpview High School and attended BYU. The innate desire to help others obtain their health goals comes naturally to Megan, as several members of her family (both immediate and extended) are health care providers in the Provo community. Megan is married to Brayd

Megan – Dental Assistant


Megan Jolly (Jackson) is a Provo, Utah girl! Megan graduated from Timpview High School and attended BYU. The innate desire to help others obtain their health goals comes naturally to Megan, as several members of her family (both immediate and extended) are health care providers in the Provo community. Megan is married to Brayden and they have medical school in their sights. When they return they hope to settle in Utah Valley. Megan loves to be in the out of doors and finds joy in all activities and adventures with friends and family!

Audrey – Registered Dental Hygienist


Audrey Barrett is a dental hygiene enthusiast and loves helping patients understand and improve their oral health. She pursued her education at Utah Valley University, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Dental Hygiene. Audrey was born and raised in Salt Lake City, where she met and fell in love with her high school sweetheart, Ryan. They have been married four years and have a beautiful little girl named Lucy. While Audrey absolutely loves her career as a Dental Hygienist, she also loves spending time with family, making arts and crafts, and baking deserts. Audrey is a pianist. She composes, and performs her own music.

Jimmy – Registered Dental Hygienist


Jimmy Hall was born in American Fork, Utah and moved to St George Utah when he was 3 years old. He grew up with his little brother and many older siblings, because he is number 11 out of 12 children in his family.In High School, Jimmy loved to ride dirt bikes, wake boards, and rock climbing with friends. Jimmy was also part of SKILLS USA and was the IDYO (Inter-District Youth Organizer) for all of southern Utah for the Rotaract Club during his high school years..After graduation from high school Jimmy served an L.D.S. mission in Colorado Springs, Colorado while he waited for his VISA to go to the Brazil Salvador South mission where he completed his service. He speaks Portuguese, Spanish, and English. Jimmy,s dad is a dentist and Jimmy has been in the dental world his whole life. He graduated from St George Dental Careers and has been an assistant for five years. He recently got married on New Years Eve and LOVES his wife! His goal is to be a practicing general dentist with Dr Groesbeck and Dr Matthews one day, and to always be SMILING!!!

Ashley – Registered Dental Hygienist


Ashley Whiting shley Whiting is one of Cougar Dental’s amazing dental assistants.
Ashley was born in Moses Lake, Washington. Ashley moved to Spanish Fork, Utah as a child and grew up there. Ashley graduated from Springville High School in 2007. Ashley then attended Dental Assisting school and graduated in 2010. Ashley now lives in Payson, Utah and has a little girl that is eight. Ashley loves to be outside and lives to go camping, fishing, hunting, or anyother outside activity where she can get covered with dirt! Ashley adds a dimension of energy and commitment to excellence to Cougar Dental, and every one loves her attitude and professionalism.

Ethan – Dental Assistant


Ethan grew up in Bountiful Utah. He loves Jeeps, soccer, and his family. He spent many years working in yard care and decided he didn’t want to pursue that field of work for a living. He moved to Provo after marrying his High School sweetheart, Allison. He now loves his job working at Cougar Dental. He loves working with people and being a part of this team. He is currently attending BYU and with the intended major of Bio-Physics. He is still deciding between furthering his Education with dental school and law school. At first he wanted to do law, but now has fallen in love with the dental world and is considering going to dental school.